The Best Guacamole recipe

Photo by twinsfisch on Unsplash.


For 2 people:

  • avocados
  • lime (approx. 1 for 2 avocados)
  • shallot
  • tomato
  • Cumin
  • Salt
  • Tabasco


Use a bowl:

  • Dice the avocados, put them in the bowl
  • Pour lime juice over the avocados
  • Finely dice the shallot
  • Dice the tomato (not too finely)
  • Add the cumin
  • Add the salt
  • Add the Tabasco (if you dare)
  • Crush everything grossly with a fork

Um, honey, the ingredient list doesn't have proper proportions?

Restaurant guac and guac recipes often come out pretty bland to me...
So over time, I mastered my own recipe, and it doesn't have proper proportions.
The proportions change depending on who's going to eat it. So have fun with it!!!
I've found with time that if your guac isn't tasty enough, there's not enough lime juice!
I hope this helps.